American bosses immediately broke the contract with Jeremy Menez.

Former striker of the national team of France, PSG and Milan Jeremy Menez was in a scandalous situation. The football player until September this year played for Mexican America, but the club management suddenly decided to break the contract with the 32-year-old Frenchman.

As it turned out, this decision was not made by mutual agreement, as compromising photographs with Menez began to appear in the Mexican media.

The footballer decided to have fun from the heart and threw a party, but far from familiar to a professional athlete. The photographs show how Menez has fun with a girl of easy virtue, uses drugs, and on the table you can see alcohol.

It is noteworthy that once a player at the level of the best European championships was not left without a team. After his “business trip” to Mexico, Jérémy Menez returned to France and signed a contract with Paris.

Whether the leadership of the capital’s club knew about the scandal involving the striker is unknown, but the last place in League 2 probably made Paris turn a blind eye to what happened.

It was previously reported that London-based Chelsea football players rented a separate apartment for their mistresses.

We also recall that earlier the wife of the legend of the Argentine national team accused her husband of treason with a “prostitute and drug addict.”

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