Today we will tell you, how exactly one of the most popular football players in the world earn his money!

1. Clothes and footwear
2. Hotels
3. Fitness Studios
4. Museum
5. Digital

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous and most popular players of our time, a true professional.  Millions of fans all around the world love him, football clubs and advertising companies are almost ready to fight, just to sign a new contract with him. Cristiano is only 33 years old, but he already managed not only to achieve incredible heights in his sports career, having won many awards and trophies, but also to become one of the richest sportsmen of our time, building a real business empire.  So how exactly does a football superstar earn money in addition to the official salary and numerous advertising contracts? Today we will try to give you an answer to this question.

Clothes and footwear

To love Ronaldo more than the army of his fans can perhaps only Ronaldo himself. We can even say that he personally is his main brand –  the company is called CR7. Cristiano began his business-way with the production of clothes. Initially, under the brand CR7 were sold socks and underwear, but then the line of products expanded, and now there are also other items of clothing, including shoes.  By the way, there was a little problem with the shoes. Ronaldo wanted to release his own collection of boots, but his main sponsor Nike, with whom Cristiano signed a lifetime advertising contract, didn’t  allow the player to do it, seeing in his face a potential competitor.


According to Ronaldo, the hotel chain is the greatest business of his life, in which development he is extremely interested. Together with Pestana Hotels he has already opened 2 hotels – on his native island Madeira and in Lisbon. According to the rumors, 2 new hotels in New York and Madrid will also start working soon.  It is worth noting that the hotels in Madeira and Lisbon essentially differ from each other in style: the first reminds the guests about the famous football player –the photos of Ronaldo and various football attributes are used widely in its décor. The second hotel has definitely much more restrained and familiar to ordinary guests interior.

Fitness Studios

At the beginning of 2017 the CR7 brand expanded again – his time the brand joined a chain of fitness clubs. The American company Crunch Fitness decided to strengthen also on the European market and decided to start working together with the  football superstar.  Cristiano did not think long and now he runs 4 fitness studios in Madrid.


In 2013 Cristiano opened a CR7 museum on his native island of. On thelarge territory of the Museum fans can find answers to all their questions about Cristiano and his family. It is worth noting that the main airport of Madeira has  also the name of  Ronaldo.


It is worth noting that Ronaldo’s interests lie not only in the” material world”, but also in the digital industry. So, on his behalf there are several exciting games on various platforms, which also increase his  popularity among the youth.  For example, there is a special CR7Selfie App, which enables users to “paint” a figure of a famous football player on their photos, making it look as he really  met the idol.

So  as you see, Cristiano Ronaldo’s business covers a wide variety of areas, from real estate to media. Each year the famous football player and his team of professionals find new areas for investment, business expands and the empire grows . So, let us wish Cristiano the best of luck! Who can know, what else can get on the list of his interests in the nearest  future.