Real Madrid has found a substitutution for the best football-player of the World Cup 2018


< strong>Real Madrid will acquire the Danish midfielder from Tottenham Christian Eriksen if the Croat Luka Modric leaves the club. < / strong>

The Croatian midfielder is of course expected to stay in the team. But in case he goes to anther FC, the managmet of the club wants to see Eriksen in Madrid. estimates the cost of the football player at 80 million euros.

On the 4th of August, it was announced that RealMadrid is ready to consider offers about Modric. The President of Rel Madrid Florentino Perez will be ready to conduct negotiations for the sale of the midfielder if it is offered for him more than 60 million euros. According to the press, the main contender for the football player is FC Inter.

In the season 2017/2018 26-year-old Eriksen took part in 47 matches and scored 14 goals. The Dane became 4 times the best football player of his the country.