< strong>Chelsea has announced the Transfer of the Spanish goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga. The 23-Year-old goalkeeper has signed the contract with the English Club for 7 years.< / strong>

Earlier it was reported that Chelsea have bought the football player for 80 million euros from Atletico. This sum of money made Arizzabalaga the most expensive goalkeeper in the world. Previously, the transfer record was owned by Alisson, whom FC Liverpool bought in July for 73 million euros.

So in this way Arizzabalaga became the most expensive Spanish football player. Him follow Alvaro Morata(Chelsea, 65 million), Fernando Torres (Chelsea, 59 million) and Gaizka Mendieta (Lazio, 48 million).

“It is a very important decision, not only in my career but also in my personal life,” – said Kepa in his interview.

“A lot of things attract me in Chelsea: trophies that the club and its football players have won, the opportunity to play in the English Premier League and many others. I’m really happy, that Chelsea decided to trust me.”

In Chelsea Arrizabalaga replaced Thibaut Cortois, who moved to Real Madrid.