On September 9 took place the final of US Open 2018 in New York. Suddenly, the winner of the championship US Open 2018 became  a 20-year-old Japanese Naomi Osaka.

In the nervous final game, she defeated her idol-the legendary American Serena Williams, who made a scene after the tournament, saying that she did not admit her defeat and the victory of the Japanese was accidental.

Williams was fined: firstly,  she got a warning for the tip from the coach, then she was deprived of the point for the broken racket, and then at a halftime she called the judge Carlos Ramos a thief and a liar.

Osaka won in the final with the score 6:2, 6:4. She became the first champion of the tournament from Japan.

“As a child I always wanted to be like Serena. This game doesn’t change anything, I will always admire her. She was very nice to me after the match on the court and on the podium,” said Osaka. The Japanese noted also that she understood Williams ‘ desire to win the record 24th Grand Slam.

The audience at the awards ceremony whistled in support of Serena, which moved Osaka to tears. So the final was not so great, but it will definitely remain in the memory of the fans for a long time.