1) Neymar is the new captain of the national team of Brazil

The head coach of the Brazilian national team Tito announced the new captain of the national team. It is 26-year-old striker of PSG Neymar.

“I was chosen as a captain again, because I found out a lot of things and understood a lot. An extra responsibility will be very useful for me. think none of you have ever felt what I felt after the World Cup. I was criticized, I heard a lot of bad words in my address, and in that moment I wasn’t able to respond to enemies. I was in a wrong condition, I preferred to keep my mouth shut, because silence is always the best answer.
I don’t have much to say about the criticism. I am the player who, having received the ball, will beat the opponent in 10 cases out of 11. And I don’t think they’ll let me pass by without a foul. And I can’t ask them: “Hey, excuse me, let me score a goal”.
There were a lot of fouls during the World Cup, but this is already in the past. And that is another lesson I’ve learned. I want to apologize to my fans, who were angry about the result. We thought that we would become the new world champions, but it wasn’t meant to come true» – quoted Neymar FourFourTwo.

Neymar played for the first time for the national team of Brazil in August 2010. Since then the striker has scored 57 goals in 90 matches.