Jose Mourinho, the head coach of English football club Manchester United, will spend the next year in the prison. According to El Mundo, the Portuguese reached such an agreement with the Spanish tax authorities.

It is known that during his work as a coach of Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho hid his income from the tax authorities of Spain. So, in 2011, the Portuguese had not paid taxes in the amount of € 1.6 million, and in 2012 —€ 1.7 million.

Mourinho did not deny his guilt and honestly admitted that he had avoided taxation. It is also reported that the court has to confine to probation. Spanish legislation includes  such situations, since it was the first time that Portuguese had committed the offence.

Earlier, on July 26, it became known that the former striker of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo also made such a deal with the tax authorities of Spain. The forward admitted his guilty was sentenced to  two years in prison on probation. Ronaldo also has to pay a fine of 19 million euros.

Jose Mourinho worked as the head coach of Real Madrid from 2010 to 2013. Together with the Madrid club, the Portuguese won the Spanish Championship, the National Cup and the Super Cup of Spain.