Less than in 2 months in London FIFA will announce the winners of their awards. 10 players were nominated for the title of the best player of the year. We have chosen 5 favorites based on their total results.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Mohammed Salah, Harry Kane and Kylian Mbappe. All of them were the leaders of their teams in the 2017/2018 season. However, in the year of the World Cup, a lot of decisions are made by the results of the national team in the tournament. The best result showed Kylian Mbappe. Together with his team he managed to win the  World Cup 2018.

The best player of Bundesliga Kevin De Bruyne, the leader of the Belgian team Eden Hazard, the best striker of the French team Antoine Griezmann, the best player of the last championship Luka Modric and the only defender in the list Rafael Varane also got on the list.

  • The season 2017/2018 for Cristiano Ronaldo:

  • 55 plays, 54 goals
  • The first player, who scored 7 goals in FIFA Club World Cup
  • The only player, who scored in 4 matches in a row in FIFA Club World Cup
  • The player who reached 300 goals in 286 matches in La Liga
  • The best striker in La Liga (15 goals)
  • The first player, who won 5 Champions League
  • The oldest author of a hat-trick in the history of the World Cup;
  • The first player to score a hat-trick against Spain in the World Cup.
  • The first footballer to have scored in 10 matches of UEFA Champions League in a row


  • The season 2017/2018 for Lionel Messi:

  • The best player of El Clasico
  • LA Liga – 34 goals
  • UEFA Champions League – 6 goals
  • The best striker in the history of the Spanish Championships
  • The first player to make 100 doubles in Premiere League
  • The record for the number of goals in the matches against real Madrid – 24
  • The title of the best scorer in the history of the South American qualification of the World Cups -20 goals
  • The biggest number of goals for one club in the top 5 European Championships


  • The season 2017/2018 for Mohammed Salah:

  • In 2017, he took with his team the 2nd place in Africa Cup of Nations
  • Qualified for the 2018 FIFA world Cup
  • The best striker of the European championships of the season 2017/2018
  • Salah became the first player of “Liverpool” from Africa, who managed to score 10 goals in a Champions League draw
  • The second place in the UEFA Champions League
  • Premier League – 32 goals
  • The second fastest football player in Liverpool
  • The best shooter of the national team of Egypt


  • The season 2017/2018 for Harry Kane:

  • Scored a hat-trick in the home match of the 20th round of the English Premier League against Southampton
  • Set a record for the number of goals per year in the Premier League (39 goals in 36 games)
  • In 2017 he scored 56 goals in 52 games thereby getting ahead of Messi
  • Took 2 penalty shots in one match against Liverpool
  • The captain of the English national team at the World Cup 2018
  • Extended his contract with Tottenham until 2024


  • The season 2017/2018 for Kylian Mbappe:

  • Broke the speed record in the match against Lille (44.7 km / h)
  • In just 9 games of the Ligue 1 scored 4 goals and the same number of assists.
  • Champion of France 2017/2018 (PSG)
  • The winner of the Ligue 1 2017/18
  • The winner of the Coupe Charles Simon 2017/18
  • The winner of the award Golden Boy 2017
  • The winner of the World Cup 2018 (he scored 4 goals)


Well, now you know what the main favorites for the title FIFA world Player of the Year achieved in this season. So who do you think will win? Who deserves this award more than anyone else? If you have already identified a favorite for yourself and if you are confident of the result, you can test yourself and try your luck on the website of our partners! Trust your intuition and win!