News portal Daily Mail reported that for the first time in the history of the UK football match would be judged by a transgender referee.

Such an unusual judge is Lucy Clark and she is 46 years old. However, some years ago Lucy was an ordinary man named Nick.

Lucy has been preparing for the sex change surgery for 3 years, taking numerous hormonal drugs. The first big operation will be done in 2019.

According to Lucy’s words, she doesn’t worry  about the reaction of football players. She cares more about the reaction of the fans. So Lucy decided to judge for a start only the matches of female teams. However, after a full sex change operation, she plans to engage in refereeing also in men’s tournaments. Before becoming a woman, she worked at the games of semi-professional clubs and juniors.

Interesting fact is that Lucy Clark is still officially married. According to her wife, 54-year-old Avril, the sex change of  her husband plays for her absolutely no role, because they are in love and very happy together. The couple has three children.