The coronavirus does not forgive.

From Italy confirmed that Barcelona, ​​which visits Napoli on Tuesday, must pass a temperature control upon arrival at the airport of the European country, to predict the epidemic of pneumonia.
Is there any possibility of suspending the match?

As reported by the ‘ESPN ‘chain, this is not an option. The match for the knockout stages of the Champions League is not ruled out, since the focus of the infection caused by the Coronavirus is in northern Italy. However, measures will be taken in case a Barça player feels ill.

The Italian Ministry of Health does not want to take risks and already has an elaborated action plan.

Barcelona will travel to Italy to measure against Napoli with big stars like Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann and more. Given this, the Neapolitan club shared through its website the ten behavioral measures that citizens must follow to avoid contagion.


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